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Brick Puzzle Game

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Are you ready for a retro gaming legend! Combine the colored blocks, pass the challenging levels and play this legendary game. You can play two different types of games in the Brick Puzzle game. One of the Mods is the classic game mode. In this mode, brick puzzle players can start playing puzzle by choosing the difficulty level they want. The other game mode is the challenge puzzle mode. There are more than twenty levels in this mode. Each level is more complicated than the previous level, and you must destroy as many bricks as possible within the requested time. A challenging task will be waiting for you when you complete all the levels and reach the last level in brick puzzle, which is included in the puzzle games. Brick puzzle players who want to complete their last mission must make a great effort.

Brick Puzzle Online How To Play

Brick Puzzle
You can move the puzzle blocks using the arrow keys or the A-D keys. At the same time, you can use the space key to accelerate the puzzle blocks descending from above.