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City Bus Driver

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Get ready to become a public bus driver in a big city in this bus game simulator. Transport the bus you use from any point to another point and get the rewards. You can either collect these rewards or use them in the vehicle customize features and arrange your vehicle according to the features you want. Bus driving games offer you the opportunity to become a real driver. It offers different bus mod options and allows you to gain the most realistic driving impression with bus simulator ultimate.

Play Bus Driver Online Game

Since you are a good driver, you must transport all passengers safely to their destination. If you have an accident while transporting passengers in the city, you must have your vehicle repaired. For this, all you have to do is go to the repair station using the mini-map. After you have your car repaired, you can continue driving the bus. If you move too far, you may run out of gas. In this case, you should notice this in advance and go to the gas station. The more passengers you take to their destination, the more rewards you get. This bus simulator is for you if you want to have your dream bus and have fun.

How to play City Bus Driver Online?

In the online bus driver game, you need to use the arrow keys to move your vehicle. You can slow down the bus with the spacebar when you go to the passenger stops. You can control the cameras with the C key. Cameras are essential for safer passenger transport. You can check your instant speed from the right side of the game screen. Going up to high speed can scare your passengers. Therefore, it will be the right choice to proceed slowly and safely.


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