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Impossible Monster Truck

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If you ever wanted to experience extreme car stunts with real impossible tracks like speedy auto racing game then this extreme car stunts is all for you. There are more than fifteen monster trucks in the game. Only the first of these trucks are unlocked. To have other vehicles, you must complete the game's missions. In addition, the features of each car are different from each other. This allows you to choose vehicles according to the level you want to play. In total, there are 56 levels with various difficulties. Impossible Monster Truck players must try to complete all levels starting from level one. Of course, when each level is completed, prizes are won, and the opportunity to own new equipment is offered with these prizes.

Your task in the Monster Truck game is to complete the mega ramp tracks. You are given a certain amount of time at each level to complete the track. You must reach the finish line as soon as possible during this time. If you fall down the sides of the mega ramps, the level will start again. That's why you have to be a cautious driver.

How to play Impossible Monster Truck Online?

Use WASD and direction keys to move your vehicle on mega ramps. Since each level has time, you can view your remaining time from the clock icon on the game screen.


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