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Cycle Sprint Game

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Customize your cyclist and perfect your bike for a thrilling adventure! Compete in Italy, France and Spain. Win all 63 races and earn your spot on the podium of champions! Cycle Sprint game is designed with advanced visual effects and sounds for those who love to play bike games. When you first start the game, you can have the bike of your dreams by choosing among dozens of bike customizations. When you start the bike race, you will compete with fifteen racers. All you need to do to win this challenging race is to collect the power-ups on the track. When you get these buffs, the speed is doubled, and you can beat your opponents. If you are a confident bike racer, this game is for you.

Cycle Sprint Online How To Play

Cycle Sprint
Since the bike race is designed in 2d, you can move your character on the track with the up and down arrow keys. You must use the spacebar to activate the boost you get on the track. If you finish the race first, you can join the next race. Note that the next race will be more complex than the race you played before.