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Giant Wanted Game

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The giant wanted game is an action-packed game in the category of sniper games. In the game, you must destroy the giant monster before reaching innocent people. This will be challenging. Because using a sniper rifle is quite tricky. That's why you need to aim calmly and shoot. Since buildings are around while shooting, you must adjust your timing very well. Concentrate on the target and shoot toward the giant monster when the time comes.

As the hero sniper, you must finish dozens of levels in giant wanted game. All you have to do in these levels is to shoot the giant monster with your sniper rifle. You get small rewards for completing each level. With these awards, you can improve your equipment through the store. Better equipment will help you with levels. You can start the free online giant wanted game if you feel ready.

Giant Wanted Online How To Play

Giant Wanted

To help innocent people in challenging levels, you have to use the sniper rifle with the help of the mouse. You can check the rewards you have in the game from the panel next to the gold icon. Other sniper rifles will be unlocked automatically when you complete fifteen, thirty, or more levels. It will be easier for you to achieve different challenging levels with these rifles.