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Huggy Love and Rescue Game

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Have fun with this entertaining platform and puzzle game Huggy Love and Rescue is a casual game solve the different puzzles in each level and help huggy wuggy to rescue his beloved kissy missy can you help and complete all the levels of this game? Find out at kiz10.com and enjoy this game for free.The adorable but creepy huggy wuggy needs your help to rescue his beloved kissy missy ps she got trapped in the dungeons and needs to be rescued fast. In each level take a good look at the puzzles and details of the game to solve each level.The objective of the game is to complete the puzzles of each of the levels and try not to waste time or you will lose quickly!

Huggy Love and Rescue Online How To Play

Huggy Love and Rescue
Pc controls:WASD and keyboard arrows to move and jump.Mobile and tablet controls:Tap the game buttons to move and jump.