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Pixel Smash Duel

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Pixel Smash Duel is a chaotic 2 player retro-pixel battle game. Control your character with 2 buttons against your friend or against the CPU and continue the fight. You must get more points than your opponent in the Pixel Smash Duel game. To do this, you must not fall off the track. You must shoot your opponent and drop him from the roof with your current weapon. This will be challenging, as this game is physics-based and designed as pixels. If you take a wrong shot, your shots can bounce off your character, and you can drop yourself off the course. That's why you must be careful while playing the smash duel game.

For the winner to be determined in the game, you must work hard in areas such as desert, roof, and soil. There are five rounds in total in the Pixel Smash Duel game. The user who wins the most rounds in five rounds wins the game. Remember that it is possible to enjoy the game even more if you play for two.

How to play Pixel Smash Duel Online?

You must use the W key to make your character jump into the air in one-player game mode. You need to use the E key to shoot at your opponent in the air or on land. In the two-player game mode, the second user has to use the up arrow key to move his character. For this user to shoot, he must use the M key.


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