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Jet Boat Racing

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Here you are about to play a great racing boat simulator game with the Jet Boat Racing game! Two game modes as Free Drive and Racing will be waiting for you with lots of surprises. In this game, which has five different racing boats, it is possible to start the boat races quickly by choosing a boat with the appearance you want. Jet Boat Racing game has single-player and two-player options. You can organize a boat race with your friend and own new boats with the prizes you have won. Each level consists of eight rounds. You can win great prizes if you complete the last round first. Even if you fall behind in the first rounds, you should keep fighting and know that you can always pass the opponent's bots. You must pay attention to the turning obstacles in the levels and collect particular objects to reach the finish line before your boat racing rivals. You can maximize the speed of the boat with the objects you collect.

How to play Jet Boat Racing Online?

You can move your boat using the arrow keys in the single-player game mode. Jet Boat Racing players can activate the nitro and accelerate to high speeds by using the F key at the correct times to pass the rival boats. If you want to turn around after passing the opponent's boats and wonder how close your opponents are to you, you can use the L key. In two-player boat racing mode, the other player can drive his boat using the W-A-S-D keypad.


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