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Neon Hill Rider

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Start the fun with crazy vehicles on the sci-fi planet. Skip the challenging levels and have the fun. Two motorcycles and a racing car are waiting for you in the Neon Hill Rider game. Hill Rider players can buy new vehicles with the rewards they earn by completing the levels, and you can enjoy this racing game more. The main objective of the Hill Bike Rider game is to drive your vehicles as far as possible without crashing on a neon track and make high scores. To earn much more points, you can somersault with the vehicles you have used by making the right decisions in the right place. In this way, you can have other vehicles faster by performing aerobatic movements in the racing game. You will lose the game if you fall down the gaps with your motorcycle in the neon track area. That's why you have to proceed carefully on the track.

How to play Neon Hill Rider Online?

In the neon hill racing game, you can accelerate your vehicles with the mouse and make your vehicles somersault by making multiple clicks. The more you roll over your vehicles and don't crash, the more rewards you get.


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