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Noob Miner: Escape From Prison

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And so, noob is in prison, in which you need to work in the mine! Get resources, buy new picks, eat cakes, blow up everything with dynamite, find a way to escape from prison.In the game you will find:- Several types of traders who buy and sell resources- A large map with hidden resources- The ability to upgrade a Noob character- 2 unique endings (2 escape options)- Mine generator, pump it up and extract more resourcesHow soon will you be able to escape?

How to play Noob Miner: Escape From Prison Online?

Your mission is to escape from the prison by destroying the walls!Movement,For mobile:Left Joystick - MoveRight Joystick - Block DestructionTap on the screen in an empty place - Install the blockFor PC:WASD\Arrows - MoveLCM - Destruction of blocksPCM - Install the blockE - Inventory or store openESC - Pause


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