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Pet Subway Surfers Game

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Get ready for an endless running game with a crazy bunny. Avoid trains and reach the highest score in this challenging adventure. Pet Subway Surfers is an adventure game inspired by the world-famous subway surfer game and includes cute animals. The pet subway surfers game's primary goal is to score the highest without getting caught by the security guard running after you at the train station. Collecting unique skill objects such as skateboards and shoes on the train station track will make your job easier in this adventure game. When you buy the shoes, you can jump higher in this running game with your rabbit character and go faster on the track with a skateboard. If the police officer catches you for slowing down, you can continue the running game from where you left off by using one of the keys you earn in the levels. This way, you can score high and be the star of the pet subway surfers game.

Pet Subway Surfers Online How To Play

Pet Subway Surfers
With the help of the mouse, your bunny character can jump over the yellow school buses and pass under other obstacles on the track. It is possible to get high scores quickly by collecting special abilities from school buses and other areas.