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Police Car Simulator 2020

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This crazy new Police Car Simulator 2020 brings some action in your life. Be a Cop in this Police Car Simulator 2020 and protect your city. There are nine different vehicles in the game. All of these vehicles are police cars with different designs specific to countries. By choosing one of these cars, you can enjoy the simulator in the city. Since the game is a simulation game, there is a realistic petrol system. If your vehicle runs out of gas, you must buy petrol from the nearest station. At the same time, if your vehicle hits cars, houses, or poles in the vicinity, your vehicle will be damaged. The higher the damage level, the slower your police car will go. If you do not want to experience this situation, you should be careful while driving your police car.

How to play Police Car Simulator 2020 Online?

You can use WASD keys to move your police vehicle in the offroad area or the city. While you can change the camera with the C key, you can also slow down your vehicle with the spacebar. If you want to reach high speeds, if you use the F key, the nitro in your police vehicle will be activated, and your car will start to accelerate.


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