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Punch Bob game has excellent visuals and effects developed for those who love to play fighting games. There are fighting modes in the game. The first combat mode is Punch Them. All you have to do in this mode is to knock out all your opponents. This will be challenging because the game has dozens of different levels. These levels go from easy to hard. Of course, this will be easy for you if you are a confident fighter. When you complete each level, you earn gold in the game. With this gold made, you can have what you want among dozens of character options. When you complete all the levels in Punch them mode, you have almost all of these characters, and you can unlock them in the other two fighting modes.

How to play Punch Bob Online?

You can make all game adjustments by using the gear icon in the game. It would help if you used the mouse to move your character in the fighting mode. After aiming, your character will start to jump on the opposing player. If you can't hit the target in one go, you can aim again while your character is in the air.


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