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Tank Wars

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Tank Wars is an arcade game about tank battles. The rules are extremely simple: you take control of a battle tank, choose the type of shot, carefully aim the sight and launch projectiles at the enemy. The most important thing is to hit the opponent. Tank Wars has more than ten tank skins and more than fifteen shell skins. You can have these skins with the rewards you receive by winning tough tank battles against your opponents. The primary purpose of the Tank Wars game is to shoot and destroy your opponents in the levels. Since shots are made sequentially, when it's your turn, aiming well with the tank will damage your opponent's tank and make it disappear. It would be best if you became the star of tank wars by defeating all your opponents in the levels.

How to play Tank Wars Online?

Choose the mode: against the computer or with a friend. Earn coins and buy tanks!To move the tank, use the arrows on the left. To attack, aim with the joystick on the right.


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