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Real Drift Racing

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Here is actually not a car drifting driving simulation game but a skillful wheeling arcade game with 3D cartoon car models and platform tracks. The Real Drift Racing game is a car game with fantastic visual effects and sounds. What you have to do in this game is to complete hundreds of levels. Although it is easy to pass the first level, remember that when you move to the next level, it will be more complex than the level you played before. You get rewards when you complete the levels. These rewards are proportional to difficulty. So when you complete a challenging level, you can have higher rewards. With these awards, you can own dozens of vehicles and experience the excitement of drifting at peaks.

How to play Real Drift Racing Online?

When you come to the corners in the game, you have to use the mouse to drift. While drifting, you can view the time remaining to the finish line from the upper part of the game screen. This way, you can see how long you can last.


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