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ROD Multiplayer Car Driving 22

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There are sixteen vehicles in total in the ROD Multiplayer car game. These vehicles include police cars and ultra-fast racing cars. ROD Multiplayer players can customize the vehicles they have acquired by performing their missions. As a customization option there are dozens of customization options, such as car wrap, glass color, and suspension. Three different mission modes are waiting for you in the ROD Multiplayer car game. When you choose the car parking task, you must park your car in the specified area before it hits the pontoons and before your time runs out. In car drift mode, you should aim to reach the desired drift score as soon as possible at each level. In Checkpoint mode, you have to pass through particular objects while driving in the city. In the ROD Multiplayer car game, you must fight against other online players worldwide. ROD Multiplayer players collecting rocket packs hidden in some regions of the city can damage all enemy vehicles with rockets.

How to play ROD Multiplayer Car Driving 22 Online?

In ROD Multiplayer car game, you can use the arrow keys to move your vehicle. You can jump over them by creating mega ramps in front of you using the T key in the car parking or drift section in the city. ROD Multiplayer game supports four different camera angles. Using the C key, you can switch to cameras such as the interior camera and top camera. With the help of the mouse, you can fire rockets at your opponents in ROD multiplayer mode. You can turn your vehicle's engines off and on by using the I button. You can activate the nitro and speed up your racing car using the F key. You can put your vehicle in slow-motion mode by using the G key to move slowly in specific tasks.


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