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Squid Runner

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There is one way to survive! Run through all locations and don't be captured Win all the challenges you face. Each level is dangerous and unique! Feel the real Squid Game - the journey you will never forget!The target is to win all games and grab the jackpot. Only one will survive.

The Squid Runner game is designed in 3d and has excellent visual effects. There are many obstacles in the game. You must overcome all these obstacles and finish before the other players. There is also an extraordinary power in the Squid Runner game to outdo your opponents. You must collect purple drinks on the race track to access this remarkable power. When you collect enough drinks, your special emphasis will be activated, and your character's speed will be doubled. If you are confident in running games, this game is for you.

How to play Squid Runner Online?

In this running game, you can use the arrow keys or your mouse to move your character. When you pass over the green arrows on the track, your character will accelerate, while when you pass over the red arrows, your character's speed will decrease. That's why you should give your full attention to this game and focus on being first.


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