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Ultimate Flying Car Game

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Do you want to take fast rides and flights on the long streets of the city? Ultimate Flying Car game invites you to realistic flying car simulator experience. Explore the sky with stylish flying cars, or unlock new cars by participating in races. There are two different game modes in the Ultimate flying car game. These modes are free ride and racing car mode. In Free ride mode, you can travel with a flying car and do car rides. There are six flying car options specially developed for the race mode. You have to reach the finish line and complete the level before your opponents from the track with the race car you have chosen. There are more than 10 flying car racing missions in total. By completing all of these racing missions, you can own a new flying car and go faster in the races. Enjoy the race with the flying car simulator, which is free to play.

Ultimate Flying Car Online How To Play

Ultimate Flying Car
You can move your vehicle with W-A-S-D keys. By using the Shift key, you can press nitro and make your vehicle accelerate to high speeds. In order to use the Flying car mode, your vehicle must have a high speed. After accelerating, your car will turn into a flying car and its wings will open. After the wings are opened, you can move the flying car with the arrow keys.