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Xtreme City Drift 3D Game

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Xtreme City Drift 3D is a 3D drifting and racing game that is extremely realistic. Enjoy drifting, racing, timing laps, and having a blast while driving around the city. Make sure you reach the checkpoints and the city's streets before the timer expires.

There are six different vehicles in total in the City drift 3d game. Only the first car is unlocked to make the game more enjoyable. To access other vehicles, you have to drift with your racing car in the city. You can earn points with your drifts and then unlock other cars. There are four different game modes as game modes. If you see yourself as a drift king, you can show yourself in all of these modes.

Xtreme City Drift 3D Online How To Play

Xtreme City Drift 3D
The WASD keys can steer your sports car through the city. You can change your dash cam with the C key. You can use the mini-map to reach your destinations faster. You can also open and close all the vehicle doors by using the door button.