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Zombie Drive

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The zombie apocalypse is approaching! Get in your car now, collect fuel pickup objects on the road and escape from crazy zombies. In the Zombie Drive game, three different vehicles will allow you to make high scores on the track. The primary purpose of this game, which is included in the car games, is to stay away from obstacles such as pontoon wood and crush all the zombies on the track with your car while you are driving on the track. When you hit the obstacles on the track with your vehicle, you take damage, and if you do not collect the repair kits in certain places in front of you, your vehicle will explode. That's why you must stay away from the barriers and other obstacles, make the highest car game score and be the zombie drive game star.

How to play Zombie Drive Online?

With the help of the mouse, you can move your zombie-crushing vehicle left and right on the track.


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