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Police Chase Motorbike Driver

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Police Chase Motorbike Driver is the game for the people who are vigilant and ready to take on the criminals. Follow your guts and catch the criminals who are acting badly in your city. Every mission has its own limitations. Unlock bikes by completing missions and collecting money scattered across the city. Among the police chase games, this game has a very different genre. You can both ride a police motorcycle and get off the motorcycle to catch criminals and have a third-person combat experience. There are seven different motorcycles in Police Chase Motorbike Driver game. The speed of the motorcycles in the last row is relatively fast compared to the others. This motorcycle will allow you to catch your opponents faster in the police chase game. Police Chase Motorbike players must tackle criminals by accepting the missions they encounter while patrolling the city. Every time he catches a criminal and takes him to the police station, he is rewarded, and with these rewards, he can buy a faster motorcycle.

How to play Police Chase Motorbike Driver Online?

In the Police Chase Motorbike game, you can use arrow keys to drive your vehicle and move your character with the arrow keys. With the F key, you can get on your police motorcycle and go after the criminals faster. When the criminals start to respond to you, you can get off your police motorcycle and fight with the mouse and defeat them.


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