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Strike Football Sports

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The strike football game has 3d graphics where you can free kick. When you start the game, you are asked to choose one of three different game modes. The first mode is the practice mode. Here you can constantly shoot free kicks. There is no time or limitation. Another mode is the tournament mode. All you have to do is throw a free kick over the dam. Although passing the first levels in this football game is easy, the difficulty will increase at the different levels. You will get points for every shot you make. The task will be completed when these points reach the desired number in the levels.

Free kick game is a game in unity webgl football games. The last game mode is the 2 player game mode. In this mode, you can score free kick goals with a friend on the same computer. It is possible to have more fun in this mode as it is still being determined who will win. If you have a friend with you, it is a football game mode that you should take advantage of. If you feel ready, you can start the free kick game immediately.

How to play Strike Football Sports Online?

You have to use your mouse to make free kicks. When you use the position change feature, your current shooting location changes, and when a lousy angle comes, it will be the right choice to use this feature to switch to a different angle. You can view your current level and scores from the area at the top left of the game screen.


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